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Turku is the European Capital of Culture in 2011 together with Tallinn. The Capital of Culture programme is the EU’s most significant cultural initiative with great international attention value. As the Capital of Culture, Turku has the chance to gain unparalleled international visibility in Europe. To support the entire year of wonderful programme and the message of culture, the Turku 2011 Foundation would like to offer fantastic memorable presents from the year of culture. The spinoff products which remind us of the 2011 are aviable via Turku 2011 Shop address www.turku2011shop.fi.


Add the link of e-shop for your favourites and make the procurement of Turku 2011 Capital of Culture products easy. Come to enjoy the Finlands greatest culture happening - get a culturegift and you will be carrying the message of culture.

Culture is always a wonderful gift - welcome to Turku in 2011!


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